We offer a complete in-house built green technology to prevent scale deposition occurring due to hard water. Hard water creates numerous problems across sectors be it industries, home or agriculture. Our system provides an economical yet permanent solution to them without using any electricity, salts or chemicals. Yes you heard it right!
Extensive Research & Development (R&D) at D-SCALE is what sets it ahead of the world. We have developed a green technology based hard water treatment device that has proven successful for both residential and commercial applications. D-SCALE aims at improving water quality naturally by treating existing scale and prevention of further build up by harnessing technology; enlivened as years of experience, established in customer satisfaction. It is a 100% Make In India product.

Working Principle

D-SCALE works by applying a simple and completely natural water treatment process. It is an in-line catalytic water treatment system that operates by a combination of the following:

01. Turbulence of the water through a specially designed catalytic chamber
02. Creation of a small electrical field around the chamber casing

This synergy causes separation of the material particles in the water, which changes their behavior. Particles, which were previously attracted to each other, now repel and separate into smaller individual particles. This allows  the “separated” mineral particles and salts to flow through the system with minimal interference. Corrosive gases are released during conditioning and move through the water as harmless bubbles. They are expelled into the atmosphere when water tap.