Agriculture needs water to thrive. However, we need to be careful about the water used for irrigation. Most of the farmers in India use groundwater which is enriched with minerals. Water with an elevated concentration of chalky or metallic minerals such as iron rust, magnesium and calcium is basically referred to as Hard water. Plants need the correct balance of moisture and nutrients to ensure perfect health, and hard water can disrupt this balance in a number of ways. Here are some of the effects hard water has on your house plants.

Scale Covers the Leaves of the Plants

While watering plants, the white chalky residue left behind when water evaporates also gets left behind on plants.. This residue on the leaves makes it difficult for the plant to access enough sunlight or air affecting the plant’s normal functioning.

Calcium Carbonate Coats the Soil and Roots

When the hard water is soaked into the soil or absorbed by the roots, the chalky residue of calcium carbonate is left behind. Increased concentration of calcium carbonate could suffocate the roots, denying them a chance to absorb all the essential nutrients for optimal growth.

Chemicals Change Blossom and Leaf Colors

Certain plants are greatly affected by the changes in the environment that hard water causes. These changes can begin to manifest in the form of changes in pigmentation in the leaves or flowers

Over-Charges Existing Fertilizer

The use of hard water could result in an increase in salt deposits within the soil, and soil with too much nutrients can prove to be harmful to your plants. It is not advisable to allow hard water to mix with soil unless you are well aware of the soil composition.


D-SCALE makes subtle changes to the molecular structure of the salts and iron in the water changes the characteristics of the minerals, which means, the minerals, instead of building a crusty layer, get absorbed into the ground.
D-SCALE will prevent scale formation and allow you to irrigate with substandard water and grow healthier crops that will thrive with less water. You can also look forward to increased yields upto 50%, which means more profitability!

  • Increased absorption capacity of water:

D-SCALE improves soil texture by surrounding individual soil particles with tiny droplets  of soft water.
This makes the soil more permeable and also enables moisture retention for longer periods.

  • Healthier roots: 

By improving the permeability, salts which previously accumulated around the root system and in the soil are leached away. As a result, water will then be easily taken in by plants and soil fertility is improved.

  • Ideal Growth Conditions:

D-SCALE not only improves water quality but also makes water a fantastic static mixer, so you get great water fertilizer mix for the crop.

  • Improved life of farm tools:

Pipes and sprinkler nozzles are protected from limescale deposits on installing D-SCALE hence their durability increases manifolds.

  • Saves water:

Because treated water is absorbed more rapidly into the ground, less water is lost to evaporation. Therefore watering time is shortened and water consumption is reduced upto 30%.