Scale and precipitation buildup in water systems is a serious problem. It can reduce efficiency, shorten equipment life, and increase overall costs by requiring frequent cleaning and maintenance. Where chemical cleaning is employed the impact on the environment and local health is also a matter of concern.

D-SCALE is a technologically advanced physical water treatment device which will effectively prevent calcium, magnesium, rust, and silica scale deposition in most water systems, while gradually dissipating any existing buildup. It is an entirely self-energizing device, requiring no chemicals or power supply.

D-SCALE is a stable, safe, effective solution to scale-related problems in a wide range of water systems. D-SCALE is known for Operational Efficiency, Functional capability, Unbeatable Design & Workmanship. It can be fitted in the existing pipeline with absolutely no changes in the pipeline. 


  • SCALE PREVENTION & EXISTING SCALE REMOVAL : Due to the reduction of the free Calcium and Magnesium in hard water by the formation of their Carbonate crystals, scale prevention and removal starts the moment the water system is restarted after installation of the D-SCALE.
  • NO BACTERIAL GROWTH: The bacterial colonies which exist as slime in water systems are dissolved and prevented from re-forming.
  • NO RECURRING COSTS: D-SCALE has no recurring costs associated with as no chemicals, regenerative salts, electricity or resins are used.
  • NO CHEMICAL COMPOSITION CHANGE: D-SCALE only changes the physical composition of the scaling salts from a dissolved state to a suspended state, thereby preventing scale build up.
  • NO CORROSION RISK: The charged water molecules ‘mop up’ free oxygen, reducing the level of rusting in a closed system.
  • NO MAINTENANCE OR LABOR COSTS: As D-SCALE has no moving parts, it does not require replacement of parts or maintenance other than normal plant maintenance.
  • SAVES FUEL CONSUMPTION: Scale reduces heat transfer efficiency resulting in increased energy use. D-SCALE prevents the scale deposition thereby saving massive energy costs in the long run.
  • NO ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Unlike conventional water treatment systems, D-SCALE does not require any power or electrical inputs.
  • NO POLLUTION: Unlike Chemical Dosing and Water Softening Systems which necessitate the use of hazardous chemicals, D-SCALE does not require the use of any chemicals and is eco friendly.
  • HANDLE VARIABLE WATER QUALITY : In conventional systems the quantity of chemicals have to be adjusted according to the water quality, however D-SCALE is unaffected by variable water qualities and can handle water up to any hardness.
  • NO INVESTMENT RISK : D-SCALE is sold with a Performance Guarantee. In view of this, there is no investment risk on part of the user of the equipment. It also offers a low pay back period, depending upon the type of industry and present means of water treatment.

Common Applications

1. Steam Turbines
2. S.E.P. Condensers
3. Induction Furnaces
4. Evaporative Condensers
5. Electric Furnaces
6. Concast
7. Compressors
8. Chilling Plants
9. A.C. Plants
10. Heat Exchangers
11. Generator Sets
12. Gear Box Cooling
13. Gas Turbines
14. Chemical Reactors
D-SCALE is typically installed after the pumps and before the heat transfer areas. The actual installation, however, shall vary according to site conditions. There should not be any static tank or other zero velocity zone between D-SCALE and equipment to be protected. The customers are however requested to consult the manufacturer before installation

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D-SCALE nullifies the harmful effects of minerals and salts in water by making them inert. It does not change the TDS but reduces the Average Particle size and Mineral Charge (Zeta Potential) and converts Calcite to Aragonite (Polymorphs of Calcium Carbonate). Make sure you contact the expert who can help you select the right model based on the flow rate of water being supplied. Improper selection may not lead to a positive outcome. For sediments, turbidity or murkiness in water pre-filtration is recommended.