More often than not, we’re ignorant about the type of water being used in our house. Until of course when soap scum in sinks and taps, dirty dishes, fading laundry become regularly visible at your household. Don’t let hard water destroy your beautiful home. You see, natural water isn’t just pure H2O, it has mineral salts dissolved in it. While it’s not harmful to ingest these minerals, excessive amounts of mineral content like calcium and magnesium makes it hard and has certain ill consequences. Worry not, D-SCALE at your service ☺

D-SCALE device is just like a pipe you can install in a water line at home easily. It will naturally treat the hardness in water without using any electricity or chemicals and is 100% environment friendly. It can handle different water quality from sources like well, bore well, rainwater, municipal pipeline etc. It is best suited for ground water.

When water flows through D-SCALE, weak electrical fields are produced. These fields, exquisite core composition and intricate design create hydrodynamic forces which separate the molecules that bind hardness causing mineral particles. Thus the minerals flow through the water system without being precipitated and do not deposit in the form of scale.


The white deposit that plagues your sink, tap, faucet, tiles and tub at home is a result of hard water. It can ruin your pipes, kitchen appliances, and even your bathroom fixtures. The expensive hardware will get tarnished and ultimately stop working. When you use D-SCALE the white deposit will start disappearing, leaving your hardware shine as new. Further, you will stop having water clogging complaints.

Hard water prevents shampoo from creating the lather you need to rinse your hair and even most expensive shampoos and conditioners don’t work. D-SCALE softens the water to improve foaming, reducing hair fall and dandruff problems. Also making your hair silkier, shinier, softer.

Studies suggest hard water may damage the skin barriers and cause irritation, redness and inflammation. D-SCALE not just stops soap scum residue on skin but also inhibits algae, fungal, mildew growth in water. This helps prevent skin rashes and irritation due to poor quality of water at home.

Hard water is mineral-rich. As the hard water evaporates, it leaves its minerals behind which creates hard water deposits in the form of white stains on your clothes or your fabric feels stiff and scratchy. Using D-SCALE will naturally treat the hardness in water and dramatically improve the wash quality at home be it fabric or dishes.

Hard water can cause scaling of filter membrane making it extremely difficult for RO to work and the result is lower quality of water that is put out. Replacing membranes too frequently can be expensive and inefficient over time. Using D-SCALE will prevent scale deposition and thus increase the membrane life. You will also experience sweetness in water taste over time.

Yes you heard it right! D-SCALE is a Fit and Forget system with no operational cost. It does not require any electricity, salts or chemicals to work. It has no movable parts, requires zero cleaning or maintenance. Thus, making it environment friendly and non-toxic.

After site inspection, D-SCALE device is curated with your unique requirements in mind. The design and dimension are decided as per line size and water source at your home. There are also special variants like Oxy D-SCALE and SILVER D-SCALE available on demand, proven to boost immunity and memory to count a few of numerous benefits.


Yes, it will free the chlorine artificially trapped between the mineral particles of the water into the atmosphere in gaseous form as  water leaves your tap.
Your D-SCALE causes the mineral particles to repel each other, separate and become smaller. Because there is less light refraction from the smaller particles water becomes clearer.
The mineral particles repel and lose their attraction for each other and the surfaces of piping and other equipment. Being a solvent the water now slowly etches, loosens and dissolves the existing scale and rust from the system. Once clean your system will stay clean!
Provided it is installed properly and maintained, D-SCALE will last you a lifetime. It has no complex moving parts to wear out so you’ll enjoy big savings for years to come.
D-SCALE  is best fitted into the main line after the water meter or pump and before any tee junctions or holding tanks, where by  the whole system will benefit. D-SCALE will operate at any angle, above or below the ground. Do not install or test the conditioner at the end of the pipeline to avoid cavitation.
The device dimensions will be recommended by our experts after a site visit or collecting necessary details over call. Reach out to us @ +91 8435161467 to know more! 

Happy Clients

Mr. Anil Gupta

Thanks to D-SCALE, they custom designed the system as per available space at home. After using the D-SCALE system, I saw drastic reduction in our overhead water tank scale deposition, water taste got better and hair fall reduced. I will recommend D-SCALE system as a maintenance free device to those who are facing the hard water problem.

Mr. & Mrs. Paranjpe

Thanks D SCALE for the custom design at our home. After installation scale deposition has started to disappear, water in itself feels lighter and better in taste. It is a thumbs up from our side.

Mr. Hari Kumar

“Due to hardness in bore water, the drinking water stored had scum floating over it and was highly unfit for drinking. Not only this but water would leave hardness marks everywhere on the tiles, making them stained. After installing D-SCALE, there were visible differences right within a week. I am highly satisfied with the product.”

Mr. Vijay Shrivastava

“We use municipal and borewell water at home. Due to hardness in water all our taps, faucets,showers, pipes started getting clogged. Not only did this reduce the volume of water flowing through the pipes but also spoiled the look of expensive sanitaryware installed. After installing D-SCALE,all my maintenance overheads have disappeared. The water also tastes better now. Would definitely recommend this as a fit and forget solution”

Mrs. Pooja

“We use borewell water at home. Due to hardness in water, the wash quality was very poor. Be it utensils or clothes. After using D-SCALE, the foam formation and cleaning improved significantly. The white deposits have vanished from home and there are no stains on utensils. I am happy with its performance”