If you’re worried about how to remove scale from the pool, you will find that all that existing scale build-up will be gone in no time after your D-SCALE system is installed. You’ll be surprised to find how drastically you can improve water quality without using any chemicals.


Installing D-SCALE system comes with more benefits than just one. Some of them are:

  • No more unsightly scale or ‘white deposit’ marks on the waterline, tiles, pipes, showers, faucets
  • Pool water will be cleaner and more sparkling
  • Pool system pipes, pumps, heating elements, filter, salt water chlorinator will run efficiently and have a much longer life – saving your future costs
  • Paintwork and tiles will need less maintenance
  • It’s more comfortable to swim in softer wetter water
  • Swimming in fewer chemicals is good for skin
  • Red Eye will be not a regular sight anymore
  • No time & money required for maintenance